About Us

6Ipil Waterfront is El Nido’s best-kept secret – a reasonably priced private resort island providing guests an unforgettable stay in one of the Philippines’ crown jewels, Palawan.
Ipil Waterfront is located at the heart of El Nido, the hidden paradise of Palawan. It is nestled in a group of islands of breathtaking white sand beaches, crystal-clear waters, diverse species of tropical fish and corals, lush forests and towering limestone cliffs. It has an architecture that mingles land, water, and sky. The large windows and high ceilings of the rooms give guests a spectacular view of the sea and the towering ancient limestone cliffs surrounding the island.

You’re sure to be pleasantly surprised by Ipil Waterfront’s level of comfort that blends with its bountiful surrounding, enriched by genuine, local hospitality that will make you feel the island’s spirit.

Ipil Waterfront offers the tranquility and serenity of island living, while strategically located near restaurants, shops, and tourist destinations and activities. Guests can experience various opportunities to explore the islands’ secret beaches and lagoons, each one more enchanting than the last; or simply find a quiet spot by the shore or marvel at the sunset while having dinner by the beach with the private island as your backdrop.

Only at a place such as Ipil Waterfront can a person truly enjoy the best moments in life.